FREE Kids Table Printable - Kids table Sign Printable from Little Wee Shop - Wedding Kids Table decoration - DIY Sign

FREE Kids table sign printable from Little Wee Shop. 
DIY Rustic Table sign.

This is a great DIY project for a rustic themed wedding OR use Little Wee Shop printables found below however you like (in a picture frame, applied to a mason jar etc...)

1.  Printable, choose from any of there:
2.  Cardstock paper
3.  Scissors
4.  Pre-cut Tree branch, tiny log
5.  Drill
6.  Wood skewer
7.  Tape or double sided tape / Glue stick
8.  Craft Glue

How to:
1.  Print 2 copies of the sign of your choice from above (Sign prints in horizontal / landscape format).
2.  Cut with decorative or standard scissors to your desired size.

3.  Drill a small hole the same width as your skewer in the center of your wood slice or log (ensure the log is flat on one side to sit flat on your table).  One side of mine is cut on an angle to add more interest.

4.  Place the skewer into the hole and hold your sign in place to determine what height you want your sign.
5.  Once you've got the height tape the skewer on the back of one of the signs with plenty of tape to ensure stability.

6.  Apply some glue with the glue stick or double sided tape around the back edge of this sign, then place the second sign on top.

7.  Add some craft glue into the drilled hole and now stick in your skewer and sign.  Once it's dry your sign is complete!
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