How to Pin your Etsy Shop - How to create an Etsy Shop Pinterest Board - 5 Steps to a Create a Pinterest Board for your Etsy Shop

Step by Step Tips for Creating a  
KILLER Pinterest Board 
for your Etsy Shop

1. Open a Pinterest Business Account

Customers will take your business much more seriously if you are using a Pinterest Business Account as apposed to your personal account.  It is also a requirement under Pinterest policies. 

2. Create a Board with your Shop name as its title.

Click the Create a board icon. 
Title it the same name as your shop. 
Give it an eye catching Cover photo (Nothing too busy)

For examples come follow Little Wee Shop's Etsy board here:


Create a concise Description including what your shop specializes in but not too wordy.
Include your shop URL, hashtags appropriate to your shop and brand and consider adding a hashtag of your shop name.

3. Pin your shop items in a creative way 

Begin pinning your products from your shop both directly from Etsy and from other platforms including from your computer or Flkr for example to create diverse looking pins.  

I find Etsy's photo ratio/size are not always the best for Pinterest which prefer a more vertical look. 

Don't forget to ensure all of your pins link to your shop main menu or the appropriate item.

*Keep in mind Pinterest boards post your first item last on the board so stagger your best products throughout your board & save some of your best, top sellers to pin last.

  4.  Get creative with your pins

Customers want to be inspired by your products, Etsy shop and YOU

Pin both your shop items, behind the scenes of your work space, materials you use, images of clients using your items and other images that will help portray your shop brand.


Tools to help you pin

Treasury Pin  

Found here:                  

You can create a treasury of just your shop items in Etsy, then copy the URL to it and enter it on this site.  All you do next is click the 'Pin It' button and it pins all the treasury images as a single pin to Pinterest.



Similar to Treasury Pin with more options, PicMonkey allows you to upload multiple images to create a collage (along with many other image editing options).  These also look lovely uploaded from your computer as a Pin. 

Sample Little Wee Shop Collage from PicMonkey

You can follow Little Wee Shop on Pinterest:
Request an invite to join her group board Etsy Weddings by  emailing her through her Etsy Shop.  Etsy Wedding board:
***Please note: Little Wee shop is not affiliated directly with Pinterest or Etsy.












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