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How to Write a Great Letter to a Kid at Camp

Your Child is sure to love their Camp experience!  Great letters can help make the experience a wonderful one and make great mementos once they return.
We sent our son to sleep away camp this past year and he adored receiving letters from home.  He continues to talk about his stay at camp and keeps his little letters in his room in a little scrap book we made. Here are a few of my tips for writing a great Camp letter:
Be Creative!  
  • Write letters from stuffed animals, siblings, their skate board, their bike, the family pet....
  • I took pictures of our son's favorite stuffed animals and composed three letters written from each of them from their perspective.  
  • Write in funny fonts, if you're the creative type each animal could have it's own style of writing too, there are plenty of free fonts for personal use on the web (http://www.dafont.com for example) if you're composing it on your computer or if your writing by hand consider writing the whole letter in an interesting shape; a heart or a tree etc...
  • If your kids writing skills have not yet been mastered ask them to draw you some pictures.  Or send them a simple drawing like a picture frame or cloud  and ask them to send it back to you with a drawing of their favorite foods or sport they've tried.
  • I even sent a post card from his scooter...Your sister almost hit me with your bike the other day.. say have you rode in a boat yet?  I always wanted to know what the waves felt like.. speaking of wet, your sister left me out in the rain but the thunder was really cool.
  • Write letters from your family pets.  
  • I wrote notes from our dog as well.  I mentioned how she has been sleeping on his bed at night and that the letter might be a bit damp from her licking it with her kisses.
Ask simple questions
    • Letters can be short and simple so don't put too much pressure on writing the perfect letter.  They just want a piece of mail of any sort.
    • If your child is younger ask some simple questions about their stay that will help trigger some of the memories they've had so far and so they have something to write back to you about.  This will eliminate any pressure from them when they are attempting to write back.  Suggestions:  
      • What is your favorite thing for breakfast?  
      • Have you tried any new foods?  
      • What has been your favorite activity?  
      • What's your favorite Camp song?  
      • Is your stuffed animal having fun?
      • What kind of animals have you seen?
      • Have you seen any big bugs?
      • Have you learned any funny jokes?
 Include a small gift / Care Package

I started making little camp necklaces in my Little Wee Shop so of course I had to send one along. 

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  •  You could includephotos, stickers, temporary tattoos, little doodle drawings or a drawing from a sibling.
  • Be sure to check your camps policies for sending gifts and care packages.  It's also likely that most camps won't allow candy gifts.  
Be Silly
Don't be afraid to be goofy and silly, this will help bring a smile to your child's face.  It might help them write back about their true experience using their real thoughts.  Examples:
      • Ask silly questions... 
        • Are your feet getting stinking?
        • I hope you haven't dug for worms with your tooth brush
        • Have you been changing your underwear?  Have you been wearing your underwear on your head?  Have you been wearing your underwear at all?
        • Is your bed lumpy or soft?
        • Have you learned a funny new dance?  Do you think I could do it?
Be Optimistic
Don't write about actually missing them too much re-phrase to things like:
  • I can't wait to hear about all your adventures
  • I'm looking forward to finding out the names of all your new friends 
  • Your sister can't wait to show you her new shoes 
  • I hope you can teach me a fun new song

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