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This is an adorable craft that what be perfect for an outdoor garden themed tea party birthday party.  This will keep the kids busy for just the right amount of time and you can use items you likely already have around your home!
Check out the complete You Tube video here: 
You Tube DIY Tea Party Craft

Stuff you'll need:
  • Egg cartons
  • Acrylic paint
  • Items for decorating (ribbon, sparkles, mini pom poms, stickers etc...)
  • Scissors (Parents can help with this step)
  • Craft glue
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Paint Brushes
  • A pencil
  • Some super over excited little girls and/or boys 
You could complete steps 1 to 3 before your party depending on the age of your guests and their skills with scissors.
STEP 1 The Tea Cup shape.  Start by cutting one of the egg cups from the egg carton.  Trim off the top rough edges just a little if you prefer a scalloped edge cup or cut all the bumps off to make a smooth top edge of the cup.

STEP 2 To make cup cake shapes using the same method in step 1 but trim off the bumps of each section so when the cup is turned upside down on a table it sits relatively flat on the table. 

STEP 3 To make the bottom of the tea cups to give them a fancy look use another egg cup but this time trim right down to the bottom so you end up with a tiny disc shape. 
STEP 3 Time to DECORATE!  Time to get out the paints and brushes. Be sure the kids don't use too much water as this can make the cups get soggy and not hold their shape.  Glue on sparkles, buttons, stickers or whatever they like.

Her Completed Tea Cup

Step 4  Attaching the base of the tea cup.  Glue the tea cup bottoms to the based of your cups with a dab of crafters white glue.

Step 5  Attaching the tea cup handles.  Punch a small hole in one side of your tea cup with a pencil. Then cut a small section of pipe cleaner approximately 5 to 6 inches in length.  Twist both ends of the pipe cleaner together to make a small handle.  Next insert the pipe cleaner into the tea cup hole.  Here you can bend over a small piece of the pipe cleaner inside the cup to keep it secure or push it in further and twist it back up at the top of the cup to make it more secure (see photo below)

Step 6  Time for your party!  Kids can use their baby dolls, stuffed animals and play high chairs to have a great time with friends. 

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