Summer Activities for Kids - Water Fun! - Cheap summer activities

We only have a few months to enjoy the summer here in Canada so I make sure we are ready to be outside for every minute of it.  I love cheap summer things to do too.  My kids love this activity (3 & 6) and the neighbours love it too (6 & 8 year olds).
Fence Water Art   

What you need: 
  • A couple of new or old sponges in a variety of shapes (triangle, rectangles, circles etc...)
  • Buckets or tupperware bins
  • Water (we use water from our rain barrel) 
  • Some bored kids that want to get a little wet
  • A Wood Fence or garage door
The kids fill up there buckets, dip in their sponges then slap water onto the fence with the sponge, 'painting' wonderful abstracts, people, their names... the possibilities are endless.

 This game never ends in the heat of summer as the water dries so quickly they have a fresh new canvas in just a few minutes depending on the heat of the sun.

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