Fun with a Cardboard Box - Cardboard box Puppet theatre - Don't sweat the details

My husband brought us home a cardboard box on the weekend and the kids and I immediately went to work to create a puppet theater.  The kids decorated with crayons and markers, I cut out some rectangle fabric shapes and we poked holes in the box to tie some yarn through to hang curtains for their show. 
We added a little slot next to the window for the kids to take their hand made tickets.  
Then it was time for the show.

* The kids didn't care that the curtains were lopsided and that there was no sewing involved - this way they could help tie the strings through the little holes anyway! Don't sweat the details - kids want to see you having fun too and keeping it simple lets them learn things don't have to be perfect and some times 'winging' it is more fun. 

They quickly dropped the actual puppets we had and repeatedly ran back and forth to their rooms to ensure no stuffed animal was left out of the show.  They got out their costume box and sang songs while I sat in the 'audience' and watched.
Nothing beats hand made simple fun.
Later I added a string of Christmas lights across the top for the evening performance which made for a whole new ambiance. 

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