Our Wedding - The Photographer - Barter

It never hurts to barter.
Originally we were going to host our wedding on a Sunday. Having your wedding on a non-traditional day can save you thousands on a photographer. I scouted out photographers using this as my pitch 'My wedding is occurring on a Sunday & we would love if you could participate at a lower rate because of this non-traditional working day'. I also pitched the originallity of my wedding ceremony (flown in by plane) would be an excellent addition to any photographers portfolio.
Lastly, I also asked to have just 1 photographer (normally a photographer brings an assistant), & I requested a few less hours then what they normally provide. I didn't feel 10 hours of footage was required.
The Results:
Of the 7 photographers I approached only one was not willing to reduce their rates. The photographer we did go with was also willing to work with our budget of $1500, & even after our day was moved to a Saturday he was stilling willing to work with the same fees. We received his services from the time I was getting ready at home until the cutting of our cake, and he ended up bringing his assistant in the end.
I couldn't have been more pleased with the images he captured for the day & I'm certain I had an even bigger smile knowing we were able to stay in our budget.
This was my most expensive item for the day but in my mind the most important.
....A cake tastes fine in the moment but the photographs last you a life time...

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